So I was playing around with this random generator over at the Seventh Sanctum and Bionic Nymph came up. I got a good chuckle from it at first because in my mind the two words are pretty much opposites.

Bionic suggests strong, mighty, powerful, epic and just I don’t know RAWR! Or something. And of course it’s ultra tech!

Nymph is all like dainty, delicate, butterflies, girlie, bubbly, and well pretty. And nymphs have always been the stalwart spirits of nature.

So it was funny to me to see it. But then my brain… it did its thing with the spider webbing of thoughts with the “what if” and “why not” and all that. What would she be like? Would she still be girlie while being badass and mighty? What would she look like?

Now I’m thinking my archivist for the Chaos Pen Challenge #6 needs to be this bionic nymph now! @_@

So how about you? What would your bionic nymph be like? I want to know!

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