Word Count Goals

Tracking Word Counts on Pacemaker

I’ve been tracking my word count goal for Chaos Pen this month over at https://pacemaker.press/ which I had set to the lofty goal of 3k per day….

Well this is how I’ve been doing thus far:


I’m not sure if the problem is whether I set the goal 1k higher than what I set for myself during NaNoWriMo, I’ve got a lot going on this month, or because I’m waiting until I have a finished short story before I post anything but my word count output this month is sporadic as hell.

I know that during November it was highly motivating to write SOMETHING every day when I was posting it as I went because I knew people were watching my progress. Not that anyone was judging me for it but it just felt extra motivating to me. It kept me more consistent than what I’m seeing in this graph that’s for sure.

So I’m wondering what if I just post it in the blog reel as I go and when the short story is finished, I just compile it together as a single piece in the project files so it can be found easier later? I can’t promise that my writing output will improve right away – it IS the holiday season after all and my sons are going on school vacation as of this afternoon.

But I do think it’s worth considering. I may need to go back to 2k words per day next month. I want to be productive and improving my writing skill but not killing myself to get there either. We’ll see. There has to be a balance in there somewhere.

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