Chaos Tarot Prompt Project

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in here in such a long while. I feel things have become frightfully quiet over here and that’s entirely my fault. Yes, I have been trying to work on revising my novel but I shouldn’t be neglecting everything else in the process either. Honestly it’s been slow going and I feel like I’m fumbling in the dark but I suppose that’s to be expected when you are new to the field.

So while I’m working on that what will I be doing with this blog? I’ve been thinking about running a side spin of the Chaos Pen Challenges, but smaller. Once week I could post a feature on a single Tarot card that explores the themes the card represents, it’s potential as applied to writing, and offer the mini challenge of a free write for anyone interested. The Chaos Pen Challenges in many ways is geared towards short stories and mostly fiction I think. It’s highly limited when I think about it. A single card to spark the imagination should open up things up to all writers and all formats.

I would even love to launch a suggestion list for songs for each card in the comments that fit the themes and keywords they come with to help spark the imagination further. That and I just love music. So each post will come with a starter playlist and I’ll be open to suggestions to add more songs to that list. And yes, these lists will likely be seen in the Chaos Pen Challenges later down the road if they haven’t already.

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