The Emperor – Card 4




If you have been following my Chaos Pen Challenges over on my sister’s blog the Writing Hallow, then you are familiar with the artwork and artist of this card on DeviantArt. And yes, you can still purchase this amazing Tarot deck from this online store.

Today we’re featuring and exploring the fifth card in the Major Arcana, The Emeror.

Additional Card Images

tarot__the_emperor_by_sceithailm-d5ycf6w  me__wrex_by_alteya-d9tznkj a59752055eca8f284996bcd710ee2ad2-d3hgpf6

So take a look at these three cards and compare them to the first one I presented. How are they the same? How are they different? What do they say to you?

Take your time. Let them “speak” to your soul and mind.

Feel free to click on each one to visit their page on DeviantArt to see a larger image and read what the artist had to say about it.

Themes of the Card

The Emperor is Card 4 in the Major Arcana and the Father archetype as guide, protector, and provider in the Major Arcana in the Fool’s Journey. He brings order, structure, and regulation into the world around him.

According to the Learning the Tarot website, the keywords associated with the card are:


You can read more about this card in detail on their website here.

What This Card Means to Me

“All things in moderation,” is the motto in the art of chaos. You neither can be too strict, nor can you be too lax. If you’re all work and no play, you’ll be miserable. If you’re all play and no work, you’ll be lucky to have a home to live in. Rule with an iron fist and you’ll end up with rebellion, but lead with no direction and you’ll end up nowhere.

Remember the bar of soap I talked about with The Fool? A similar delicate balance is required here. The Emperor must use wisdom to know when to push, to pull, and to stay his hand. The same is true for parents and supervisors.

The Music Playlist

In the spirit of all this, these are the songs picked out thus far for this card.


Do you have any songs you think should be on this list? Suggest them in the comments!

The Writing Prompt

Now as a writer with everything we’ve gone over with this card what comes to mind? Start writing! Doesn’t matter what it is. Stretch your mind and let The Emperor speak to you.

I would love it if you linked or pinged back what you wrote so I could see where you went with this.

Happy writing!

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