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Open Discussion About Nusquamton

I’m thinking that putting the Nusquamton Series on hold while revising my novel was a mistake. The first revision – especially where this is my first time with this – is a slow process. I have no idea what I’m doing so I feel like I’m running blind with a pair of scissors here.

Every where I go for advice I’m running into  the “let the [damn thing] rest” between stages mantra. Which is all well and good if I have something to do while it does. So I thought I would dig up other works and return to the series. You know, just busy myself. I have one piece I’m excited about that I wrote in college I hope to be sharing soon that isn’t a series that is currently going through the critique process on Scribophile.

The first two episodes of Nusquamton is up on Scrib as well. Clarissa is being received well and the story is blossoming. I look forward to posting to the new version here for all of you. Darryl, the elderly writer – and the tenant that I never returned to as a main character – isn’t getting the same reception. He’s just falling flat. And as you all know I had reached a point where I was becoming frustrated with Eddie and maybe even the direction of the series. So maybe I need to start the series over completely?

I don’t know… I was rather fond of the randomness that came from the prompts. And maybe that’s why I got frustrated when it started to take a direction that I had no idea of where it was going? Not to mention the emotional undercurrent it digs into.

But I need to do something and I’m thinking about making this series a legitimate series rather than a random mess. So I’m going to turn this discussion over to you folks who have read the series so far:

  1. I like Clarissa, thus she stays. That’s my vote.
  2. As for the other characters…
    1. Which characters are the most interesting and compelling?
    2. Which ones do you want to see more often?
    3. Which ones can just go away?
  3. What questions do you have about this world they live in?
  4. Which would you prefer the series to handle story arcs:
    1. Focus on one viewpoint of a different character each episode?
    2. Focus on two viewpoints during an episode?
    3. Focus on the same viewpoint of a character that entire story arc?
  5. What do you expect the average length (word count) of an episode to be?

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