Dishonorable False Man

I’m trudging through the graveyard of my pains.
Difficult to find justification
in the need to stay and keep on fighting,
since in the end I have been dishonored.
What is driving me now beyond my fear?
Nothing more than the love of a false man.

You presented as a fine specimen.
You promised to protect me from this pain.
You instead taught me the meaning of fear.
How can you ever claim to hold justice
in your court as you strip away honor?
So I take a stand against you and fight.

Because you lied I’ve found the need to fight
against you, the one who claims to be man.
Do you feel no shame for your dishonor?
Do you take pride in inflicting your pain?
I hope you suffer from this injustice.
I hope you live, as I do, in this fear.

You have robbed me of joy, branding me afraid.
I’m tired of this struggle and fighting.
I’m tired of hearing you justify
the need to be a less honest human.
You continue to bring me all these pains,
expecting me to grant you this honor.

Your self-serving ends won’t bring you honor.
I shall bring an end to these lies and fears.
I shall bring an end to all of my pain.
And it will be you who loses this fight
as you struggle to maintain your manhood.
Hide behind your false justification!

Quit apologizing, justifying,
and hiding. Admit to your dishonor!
How I despise the tiny, lying man
who continues to serve up all the fear
in the hopes that I will quit this fighting.
I am done with wallowing in your pain.

Hear me! Stop this pain. Stop justifying.
I’ll keep fighting to reclaim my honor.
I’m no longer afraid of you, false man.

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