My Truth of Experience

Often, we enjoy experiencing
vicariously others’ defiance
until we learn the things we had relied
upon is not always the entire truth.
So we end up finding ourselves running
away to find a new, and better, plan.

We gather together to build our plans
and develop strength from experience.
We have a good go of it as we run
along the lines of time. While we deny
the growing stacks of heavy bricks of truth,
we don’t see the slipping of reliance.

With the bitter loss of our reliance
on each other, we destroy all our plans.
Yet, we remain blind to precious truths.
Shattered by pain from this experience,
I no longer wish to hear you deny
the needs I have, so from you I will run.

Like a ragged lone wolf, I am running.
With only myself to trust and rely
on, I sprint through your plains of defiance.
Eager, I failed the thing we call planning,
and forgotten my experiences,
but at least in these things I am truthful.

I bundle them up like wands, these plain truths,
and carry them forward, as I’m running
toward this life I’m experiencing.
I hope to find something reliable
to put together, with a forming plan,
while it’s in my tale you seek to deny.

It’s with aggression you try to defy
and define my boundaries and my truth.
With conviction, I raise my chin and plant
my feet, because I’m done with this running.
I shall face the world with self reliance
and trust in things I have experienced.

I choose to no longer run. I rely
on how I define my own simple plans.
This is my experience, and my truth.

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