The Demons We Dream of Together

Eddie returned home from work, walking into the lobby to find Clarissa saying her quiet farewells to her new companion, Zaum. It was a chaste kiss but her flushed skin and his tender touch spoke volumes of their relationship. Bitter jealousy coiled to a near snap inside Eddie. Would her passion for him burn the… Continue reading The Demons We Dream of Together

The Demons that Devise Us

Saltus Floriger earned its name from the perpetual flowering cherry trees that clung to the cliff sides of the volcanic isle. The ornamental beeches added brilliant hues of gold, purple, green with their leaves to compliment the blushing pink of the cherry blossoms. Lush ferns unfurled beneath in the colorful leaf carpet, swaying in the… Continue reading The Demons that Devise Us

The Demons that We Become (Vomit Draft)

Chaos Pen Challenge #5 Worst vomit draft ever so far. Needs serious revision. Feedback on what’s working and what’s not working is greatly appreciated. There is so much of this I’m frustrated with, the list is long so I will spare you. I think I’ve ranted about it enough on my personal blog before launching… Continue reading The Demons that We Become (Vomit Draft)

The Demons that Spare Us

Chaos Challenge #4 A click echoed not just through the lobby, but across all the dimensions, as the door on the second landing unlocked. The old woman smiled. Even her wrinkles seemed to smile as her warm bronze eyes twinkled. She patted the bright purple turban knotted around her head before leaning on her table.… Continue reading The Demons that Spare Us

The Demons that Charm Us – Part 2

Chaos Pen Challenge #3 Donna wiped her low forehead, smearing gray paint across her dark skin. She squinted her wide bronze eyes as she studied the portrait. The center featured the face of a noble humanoid dragon with a glowing horn and kind eyes. In the faded backdrop, a human face with a square jaw… Continue reading The Demons that Charm Us – Part 2

The Demons that Charm Us – Part 1

Chaos Pen Challenge #3 Korg hunched down on the first landing of the lobby stairway. He caught himself grooming his thick red cowlick framing his gray scaly iguana-like face. Embarrassed, he stopped and drew the hood of his black cloak tighter around his head. The small spiral horn growing from the center of his forehead… Continue reading The Demons that Charm Us – Part 1

The Demons that Drive Us

Chaos Pen Challenge #2 Eddie entered the apartment building’s lobby as the rosy hues of dawn broke the horizon. Though tired, it pleased him he pocketed a good chunk of change in tips from the dance club the night before. Bartending always served him well. He paused at the foot of the lobby stairs as… Continue reading The Demons that Drive Us

The Demons that Guide Us

Chaos Pen Challenge #1 Darryl checked his mailbox for yesterday’s mail and to get the morning newspaper. None of the other tenants in the building got up this early so he came at this time to avoid the awkward obligatory greetings. The mess of envelopes inside his box consisted of junk mail except for one… Continue reading The Demons that Guide Us

The Demons that Bind Us

The field of brown grass spread out wide before her with the lone tree swaying in the listless wind behind her. Its rust colored leaves whispered warnings but she didn’t understand them. Stringy spun cotton clouds obscured the steel blue sky and shielded the sun from her sight. Nothing however blocked the distant screaming from… Continue reading The Demons that Bind Us