Why We Compare Ourselves to Other Writers (and How We Can Stop)

This is EXACTLY what I needed to read and process right now. I do agree with the idea that our creative energy has a “body” of sorts in similar fashion to our physical body and they each have their specific needs. However, as of late I feel like I have fallen into the trap of thinking that my work isn’t good enough compared to anyone else. Scribophile technically isn’t social media but I do feel that the same risk is present there and on sites like it. Perhaps in some ways more so since we are surrounded by fellow writers and we flood the forums with discussions about writing rules and formulas.

So I’m going to apologize in advance. I currently do not have anything left in my blog queue waiting to be posted here. For those of you following my personal life blog, then you are aware my mental health isn’t any where near optimal right now and I have been hyper focused on my sons’ IEPs. It’s just that time of year for us and I finally got my youngest son approved for one. So it’s a big deal and super stressful and I dropped the ball over here and over at the Writing Hallow as a result. My personal blog has been neglected as well to some extent.

I plan to pick up the pen and launch into finishing the Tarot prompt posts I’ve started once Special Olympics is over and the school year finally winds down. I’m hoping to get back to revising my novel as well but I’m feeling a bit stuck on how to address working in small pieces of the info dump I have sitting near the end. My worry is that I will disappoint everyone by making them wait too long.

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